The Channelling Chaos Productivity Package

In our highly-connected, “always on”, 24/7 world, the old rules of goal setting, productivity and time management don’t work. Our goals become meaningless when the environment changes, it’s difficult to stay productive when we’re constantly interrupted, globally dispersed teams make meetings impossible, and the 9-to-5 workday just doesn’t make sense anymore. Instead of trying to fight against this chaos and restore order, harness it to work for you.

Who is this for?

This program is for you if:

  • You need to be productive and innovative in a high-pressure environment
  • You’re tech-savvy, and want to take full advantage of mobile technology, social media and new ways of making work work
  • You find yourself bombarded with information overload, and get stressed and frustrated
  • You’re constantly interrupted from important work and struggle to complete important projects
  • You set goals that you don’t achieve because of other priorities, interruptions, or the environment changing around you
  • You have more than 100 messages in your inbox right now!

What’s in the program?

The Channelling Chaos Productivity Package is a combination of e-books, videos and audio programs to help you achieve more:

  • Goal Setting That Works (e-book, webinar, and audio program): Instead of setting 12-month goals that quickly become obsolete, create compact 90-day goals instead using this system, based on the latest research on success and happiness.
  • The New Rules of E-Mail Management (e-book, webinar, and audio interview): If you use e-mail the right way, it CAN help you get more done, with less stress and frustration, so you get to do what you really WANT to do, not just what you have to do.
  • Folding Time: Getting Things Done in a Connected World (audio interview): Productivity expert Neen James shares powerful principles for achieving more in an “always-on” world.
  • High Energy Tips for Peak Performance (audio interview): In this interview, peak performance specialist Julie Meek provides simple and effective strategies for leaders who want more energy, greater stamina and higher productivity.
  • The Power of Conscious Choice (audio interview): Angela Lockwood shares ideas for making better choices, building more effective routines, and creating powerful systems to help you achieve your goals.
  • 9 Daily Habits of Creative Geniuses (webinar): Productivity ideas from the most creative and innovative people in history.
  • My Personal Productivity Platform (webinar): Some of the most useful productivity tools I use myself, and how to use or adapt them for your own needs.
  • Work Smarter Not Harder (audio interview): Matt Church shows you how to recognise your personal productivity platform and use this awareness to increase your personal effectiveness.
  • Information Overload: Let it Flow! (webinar): As experts, our clients and audiences are looking for us to sift through information and convert it into insights, wisdom and practical ideas for them.
  • Outsourcing Your Jobs (e-book): How to use outsourcing sites (like Fiverr and Upwork) to get other people to do some of your work, so you can focus on what really matters.
  • Gathering Client and Market Intelligence (webinar): How to use simple online research tools (more than just searching Google!) to quickly get the most relevant, most current, and most impressive information about clients, markets and niches.

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In total, you get 6 webinars, 3 e-books and 6 audio programs! How’s that for value?

The full package is $197, including GST.

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