Innovation Blueprint: Making Innovation Work – Audio Program

Organisations who try to compete on price are fighting a never-ending race they can never win. In today’s connected, fast-paced world, your best path to success is through innovation – not just in your R&D department, but everywhere. There are so many bright, talented, motivated and creative people in organisations who have great ideas – but many of those ideas are squashed, diluted, rejected, ignored, or maybe never even heard. This program shows you how to turn those ideas into profitable innovations that set you apart.

Who is this for?

This program is for you if you are a:

  • Senior leader of an organisation operating in a rapidly changing environment
  • Team leader with individual team members who would shine – if given half the chance
  • HR manager tasked with attracting and retaining the best talent
  • Business owner or entrepreneur who needs to constantly innovate to stay ahead

What will you learn?

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Turn ideas from concept into profit
  • Get your ideas heard, even if you don’t have “power” or authority in your role
  • Encourage and foster innovation in your team members
  • Cut through the red tape, bureaucracy, reports and other friction that stifle great ideas
  • “Bake” innovation into your business process, so it happens by design rather than by chance

Who is the guest expert?

Nils Vesk is an expert in creativity, innovation, and making ideas happen. His mission is to give every organisation on the planet the chance to create ideas that change the world. For almost 20 years, Nils has been applying the process of design thinking to the business of generating and realising ideas. His ideas are practical, elegant and easy to use immediately.

What’s in the program?

The program Innovation Blueprint is an audio CD, covering these topics:

  • Why innovation is essential in a competitive world
  • How everybody can be innovative in your organisation
  • The four-step process for taking ideas from concept to profit
  • How smart and innovative employees can get their ideas heard
  • How managers and team leaders can encourage innovation
  • How to get cut-through for your ideas (without having to spend weeks putting together a business case or cost-benefit analysis!)
  • How leaders and organisations can create the space for innovation
  • How to build systems for innovation in your organisation

Listen to a sample here (how managers and team leaders can foster and encourage innovation):

How to get the program

When you order the CD, you will also get an instant download link to an MP3 file, so you can download the audio program and listen to it immediately while waiting for your order to arrive.

The combined program (CD plus MP3 file) is A$30 plus postage and GST.

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For Conference Organisers

Depending on your conference, audience and business needs, we can include this audio program as part of your conference package:

  • Provide a copy of the CD for all delegates
  • Provide CDs for delegates to buy
  • License an MP3 version of the program for use on your intranet

Please contact me if you would like to add it to your conference presentation package.