Innovation Kick Start

Our world is changing rapidly, and businesses and entire industries are being shaken, disrupted and toppled. This is a huge opportunity if you can take advantage of it, but a massive threat if you don’t. Will you thrive or survive?

In this two-part webinar series, I will give you a glimpse into what’s ahead, show you how to embrace and lead the change, and guide you through creating a realistic action plan to implement your ideas.

Each webinar is an hour long, from 11am-noon, AEDT (Sydney, Melbourne):

  1. Innovate (31st January): A glimpse into the future (including what's just around the corner for your industry)
  2. Integrate (7th February): Enlisting the help of the people with the best ideas – including your employees, your customers, and YOU!

Who Is This For?

You will find this webinar series useful if:

  • You work in a highly competitive industry
  • You want to attract, motivate and retain the best people
  • Your business or industry is already going through change
  • You want to future-proof your organisation for 2017 and beyond

Why Should You Attend?

  • You’ll understand some of the big global changes affecting us all, which means you can take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the risks and threats.
  • You will learn what most of your competitors don’t know, so you get a competitive edge.
  • You get the chance to ask me questions live on the webinars, so you get your questions answered. I won’t hold anything back – I’ll answer in as much detail as I can in the time available
  • You tap into my 15+ years of experience in helping people understand the future, so you’ll learn from real businesses and get practical, relevant ideas.
  • There’s some really cool stuff happening! So attend the webinar series and I’ll show you what’s on the horizon – for both your personal and professional life.

How Does It Work?

This is an interactive, practical webinar series. You’ll get the chance to ask me questions during each webinar, and there will be time during the webinars for you to build a blueprint for your business.

At the end of the series, you’ll walk out with ideas to propel your organisation forward, and a plan to put those ideas into action.

Register Now

The webinar series costs $97, including GST.

Your registration gives you:

  • Attendance at both live webinars
  • A copy of the webinar recordings, which you can watch again at your leisure (There’s no time limit on this)
  • E-mail access to me for 90 days for any help you need putting the ideas into practice

Order now, and get your innovation off to a great start!