The Profitable Information Products Package

If you’re a speaker, trainer, coach or other thought leader, you’re sitting on a gold mine of value that you can turn into profitable information products. Also, clients and audiences expect pre- and post-learning material to complement your in-person keynotes, courses and sessions. If you don’t offer this form of “e-learning”, you’ll fall behind other competitors who do offer this and more.

Who is this for?

This program is for you if:

  • It’s becoming more difficult to convince clients to pay for your work
  • Clients and audiences are demanding more from each session
  • You know you have expertise and value that could be turned into products – but you don’t know how to do it
  • You’re competing with other providers – and the Internet – who claim to offer the same as you but for a lower fee
  • You want to increase your income without doing more keynotes, training or coaching
  • You set goals that you don’t achieve because of other priorities, interruptions, or the environment changing around you

What’s in the program?

The Profitable Information Products Package is a combination of e-books, videos and audio programs to help you turn your expertise into profitable information products.

General Strategy:

  • Profitable Information Products (audio program): Learn what might be holding you back, how to get over it, and how to create your first high-value information product.
  • Your E-Learning Strategy (webinar, e-book): Develop a strategy for putting together an e-learning program, and learn some of the easy-to-use tools for creating and delivering your online products.
  • Flip the Classroom (webinar, e-book): Stretch your in-person programs by adding online components.
  • How to Make a Bundle From Your Products (webinar): Create a bundle of related products, so your customers get more value and you increase your sales (and profits!).
  • Will Your New Product/Service Succeed? (e-book, webinar, online assessment): Evaluate your new product/service using this 16-point checklist
  • Create Products Fast (webinar): Turn books into webinars, workshop handouts into online courses, PowerPoint slide shows into marketing material, and more.
  • Information Products to Match Your Programs (webinar): Add information products to every speaking, training and coaching/mentoring program.

Creating Audio Products:

  • Your Own Radio Show (e-book, webinar): Publish a high-value “radio show” that demonstrates your value, makes a personal connection, and creates life-long clients.
  • Create Interview Products (e-book, webinar): Learn how to create audio products fast by interviewing experts and publishing these programs.

Creating Video Products:

  • Online Video Products (webinar): Use online video to create compelling experiences – both for e-marketing and for e-learning.
  • Screen Capture Video (video): Create screen capture tutorials without paying for Camtasia or Snapz Pro.

Writing Books and E-Books:

  • The Paperless Bookshelf: Why You Should Join the E-Book Revolution (webinar): E-books are not just an alternative to printed books; they have turned the entire concept of a “book” upside down.
  • Write Now (e-book, audio program): Communicate your message in writing – clearly and concisely – to develop your expertise, build credibility and establish yourself as an authority.
  • Get More From Your Book (slide show, e-book, webinar): Turn your book into multiple content marketing pieces, which you can then use to build your expertise and authority.

Conducting Webinars:

  • Webinar Smarts (e-book, audio program, webinar series): Learn how to plan, promote and present effective webinars.


  • Keep The Learning Alive With Online Courses (e-book, audio book, webinar): Learn how to create e-mail courses, using MailChimp as the delivery mechanism for your course material.
  • Outsource Your Jobs (e-book): Get other people to do most of your work, so you can focus on what you do best.

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In total, you get 19 webinars, 9 e-books, 3 audio programs, a slide show and a self-assessment! How’s that for value?

The full package is $197, including GST.

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