The Real Leaders Use Social Media Package

Most business owners and leaders know that social media is important, but don’t know how to use it well. The real opportunity for leaders, business owners, and marketers is social media leadership, where you can position yourself and your organisation as the leader – not just part of the crowd – in your social networks.

Who is this for?

This program is for you if you:

  • Want to stand out with social media without spending hours a day on it
  • See opportunities to engage customers, clients and influencers through social media
  • Need to add online marketing and social media to your overall marketing mix
  • Have young, tech-savvy team members who can help you with your social media marketing
  • Want to position yourself and your business as an expert and authority in your field
  • Want to future-proof your organisation

If you’re a business owner or business leader, it’s not surprising if you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything you see, hear and read about how to get ahead with social media. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems, especially if you ignore some of the buzz and hype, and focus on the few things that really make a difference.

In 2012, Forbes magazine included me at #5 in their list of social media influencers in the world (and #1 in Australia) in my area of expertise. I’m particularly pleased because the criteria they used weren’t just about the number of followers (reach), but included the ability to engage a community (resonance) and how it fit their particular circumstances (relevance). Those three things together – reach, resonance and relevance – go together to create influence.

What’s in the program?

The Real Leaders Use Social Media Package is a combination of e-books, videos, audio programs and online courses to help you build a strong online presence:

  • Build Your Social Media Leadership and Influence (e-book, webinar and audio program): The three key steps to build true influence using social media: magnify your other marketing efforts, set up a blog as the hub of your social media platform, and publish high-quality content regularly.
  • Build Your Online Reputation in 10 Minutes a Day (webinar, online course): How to build your online reputation in small 10-minute chunks every day.
  • Social Media Intelligence (webinar, online course): The best tools and apps to keep you on top of your social media efforts.
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Connected People (webinar, e-book): How to plan your social media activities so they focus on the right things, enhance your reputation, and don’t take hours out of every day.
  • Twitter at Work (webinar): Simple tools and techniques for making the most of Twitter, for research, building authority, and more.
  • LinkedIn at Work (webinar): Simple tools and techniques for making the most of LinkedIn, for personal branding, making connections, and more.
  • The Content Marketing Funnel (e-book, webinar, audio program): Follow this four-step process to lead your ideal clients from social media into your marketing funnel, and then eventually to buying from you.
  • Using Other People’s Material – Easily and Legally (e-book, webinar): Content curation – how to create a lot of value by selectively sharing other people’s material.
  • Genius Content Creation Ideas (online course): Simple, powerful structures for organising your content to present it in a compelling, engaging way.
  • Blogging In No Time At All (online course): Where to find high-quality material you can re-use (legally!) in your blog.
  • Your Own Radio Show (e-book, webinar): How to prepare, record and publish a regular “radio show” that extends your authority and reach.
  • Article Marketing Secrets (audio program): How to write and publish high-quality articles that drive traffic to your Web site.

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In total, you get 9 webinars, 5 e-books, 3 audio programs and 4 online courses! How’s that for value?

The full package is $197, including GST.

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