Is the In-Person Conference Dead?

Videoconferencing, online meetings, telepresence and other collaboration technology are gaining traction. Does that mean the in-person conference is obsolete?

No – not by a long way! But its role has changed.

Some of the benefits of coming together for a conference can be achieved just as effectively in other ways, but that’s a good thing because you can focus on the things that make the conference experience special.

Good conference organisers adapt to these changes.

Great conference organisers embrace them and create transformational conference experiences.

You Don’t Have to Change Everything!

Some people suggest throwing out the old conference format and completely replacing it with something else.

That is one option, but not the only one.

You can add, mix, complement, enhance and extend the traditional conference format to create a better experience

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In this short book, we look at ten trends affecting our professional and personal lives, and how conference organisers take advantage of them.

Here’s a sneak peek at the ten trends:

  1. Networking is not enough. Your attendees want to make strong connections and build lasting relationships.
  2. Their thinking starts before they arrive. Help delegates with better preparation so they make the most of the conference.
  3. They are not just attendees sitting silently and listening; they want to be active participants in co-creating the conference.
  4. They don’t come to the conference for more information. They want actionable insights that make a lasting difference.
  5. They don’t want you to work at keeping them entertained and engaged; they want a conference that flows effortlessly.
  6. Gadgets and gizmos don’t impress anymore, unless they are transformational tools that enhance their experience.
  7. They want to take their corridor conversations inside, and actively take part in in-session collaboration.
  8. There are other places where they can learn new skills. They want the conference to shift thinking instead.
  9. A conference isn’t a one-off event. It can now be an integrated part of their entire journey.
  10. Online events aren’t the enemy of in-person conferences. They can enhance and extend the overall experience.

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