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How Much Writing Time Do You Really Need? (It’s Less Than You Think)

 18th May 2016 by gihan


Most speakers, trainers, and other thought leaders tell me they know the importance of blogging regularly, but most of them don’t do it!

Some people tell me they don?t have the time. Others say they don?t have enough new material. More ...

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Share an E-Book On Your Blog

 30th June 2014 by gihan

Blogging should be an essential part of your online marketing plan. But it takes time to keep blogging regularly. One way to make this easier is through ?content curation?, which is finding and sharing other people’s material with your More ...

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Don’t Wait – Start Blogging Now

 21st November 2013 by gihan

An expert I respect highly has just started blogging again, after being ?missing in action? for the last couple of years. But it?s obvious that he is back on his blog only because he?s promoting a new workshop he?s selling. More ...

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Mentoring Works

 1st August 2013 by gihan

This month we talk about blogging, mentoring, and getting other people to do your work!

Listen to the episode here:

Download the MP3 file here

Blogging for Service Professionals

This year I?ve been a regular contributor to Winston Marsh?s excellent Business More ...