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Draw to Win, by Dan Roam

 17th March 2017 by gihan

If you have already read Dan Roam?s bestselling book ?The Back of the Napkin?, you know his philosophy of conveying ideas and messages using simple drawings. This is his fourth book, and it?s a kind of ?best More ...

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The Idea-Driven Organization

 16th February 2017 by gihan

Every business needs to innovate, and innovation is everybody’s business now. You can’t rely anymore on leaving innovation to an R&D team – you must involve everybody.

That?s the big idea behind the book ?The More ...

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Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex World

 4th January 2017 by gihan

My dietitian friend and client Julie Meek helps busy executives and leaders maintain their health, fitness and energy. This is an important issue for these leaders, because they often have chaotic, unpredictable lifestyles, so it?s difficult More ...

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Book Review: The Future of the Professions

 25th November 2016 by gihan


This book is a fascinating glimpse into the future of expertise. It looks at the traditional professions (such as law, accounting, and medicine) and widens the field by adding others such as divinity, journalism, and management consulting.

The More ...

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Power Play, by Yamini Naidu

 29th April 2016 by gihan


Here’s a book that is so compelling you will finish it in a single sitting, but so powerful you will want to read over and over again for its insights.

Yamini Naidu explores different kinds of power for leaders to use for greater influence More ...

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Ideas With Legs, by Nils Vesk

 25th July 2014 by gihan

Ideas With Legs

There are many books about business innovation, but few are as practical as this, which helps you take an idea all the way from something abstract in somebody’s head into the practical implementation in your organisation.

Broadly, Vesk breaks More ...

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TED Talks Storytelling – by Akash Karia

 6th June 2014 by gihan

TED Talks Storytelling: 23 Storytelling Techniques from the Best TED Talks

This brief but value-packed book, drawing inspiration from the famous TED Talks, is all about using storytelling in your presentations. It’s ideal if you would like to learn more about bringing your presentations to life through stories.

The More ...

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Hooked – by Gabrielle Dolan and Yamini Naidu

 31st January 2014 by gihan


The business world is catching on to something we have all known from a young age: There?s nothing like a good story to attract interest, share a message, make a point, and stay in the listener?s mind. In this book, Dolan and Naidu More ...

The Power of Habit – by Charles Duhigg

 17th January 2014 by gihan

The Power Of Habit

This fascinating book combines three of my favourite elements: Practical ideas, backed by strong research, relayed by powerful stories.

Duhigg?s one big idea in the book is that our habits can be broken down into three factors: A cue that More ...

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Contagious – by Jonah Berger

 13th December 2013 by gihan


This book is a fascinating and practical look into the psychology of influence. In particular, as the title suggests, it looks at why ideas catch on and spread.

Berger presents six key principles ? which he summarises with the acronym STEPPS: More ...