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Improve E-Mail In Your Team

 30th September 2015 by gihan

Improve E-Mail In Your Team

You can?t control how everybody uses e-mail, but if you?re leading a team, business or other organisation, you can educate your team members about good e-mail practices. And because much of your regular e-mail happens within the team, More ...

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How to Handle the E-Mail Overload

 8th July 2014 by gihan

While I was in Sydney recently, I had the chance to catch up with Max Hitchins, who is a great marketer and an all-round nice guy. I’ve been privileged to know Max for 15 years, and he was one of my first clients.

We were talking about the problem More ...

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Three Undeniable Facts Keeping You Trapped In E-Mail Overload

 27th March 2014 by gihan

E-Mail Overload

Are you sitting there trying to get work done, but you’re faced with an overflowing e-mail inbox that just keeps growing bigger despite your best efforts to clear it? I hear you! I’ve been there myself … in the past.

But my life More ...

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Taming The E-Mail Tiger

 1st February 2013 by gihan

E-mail and productivity specialist Steuart Snooks talks about the importance of thinking carefully when writing your e-mail.

Listen to the episode here:

Download the MP3 file here

Out of Office: Building Your Personal Brand

In this conversation, Chris Pudney and I describe some More ...

E-Mail Power Productivity Principles and Tactics

 14th July 2011 by gihan

E-mail is 40 years old this year (here’s a nice infographic showing its history). Many people still grapple with it, but that doesn’t have to be the case. So we’re sharing our e-mail productivity ideas here.

Listen to the podcast More ...

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