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The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, by Chris Brogan

 8th August 2014 by gihan

The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth

Chris Brogan?s latest book is a call to action for people who want to turn their back on the idea of working in a traditional job and launch their own business. It addresses one of the biggest challenges of the new business owner: suddenly More ...

>Why Aren’t the Railroad Companies Running Airlines?

 1st October 2010 by gihan

>Why didn’t the U.S. railroad companies a century ago also become airlines?

A hundred years ago, they were the first choice for cross-country transport in the USA. So they were ideally placed to take advantage of the new ?flying machines?.
More ...

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>The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations

 15th August 2009 by gihan

>There’s a very funny video going around about client/vendor consulting relationships, and how they might operate in “the real world”:

This is funny, no doubt about it! But let?s not allow the humour to trick us into thinking More ...

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>Expect More: Inspiration to keep going

 17th May 2009 by gihan

>Has anybody ever told you it can’t be done or you’re not good enough? Take heart – you’re not alone! Here’s a two-minute video clip I created to inspire you to be yourself and keep going through the tough times:

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>You don’t have to know what you’re doing – only where you’re heading

 10th May 2009 by gihan

>A friend of mine is just starting a coaching / consulting / mentoring business. She doesn?t know her target market yet; she doesn?t know exactly what she?s going to teach; she doesn?t have an idea of what fees to charge; she More ...

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>Sell to people you like

 9th May 2009 by gihan

>The conventional marketing advice is to find people with a problem and then sell them a solution. That?s still good advice, but is it really fulfilling? One of my clients was at a conference of marketers with this attitude, and he described More ...

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>Show your face, not your brand

 3rd May 2009 by gihan

>Internet users connect with people, not brands. They want to know about you, not just your brand, your business, your products or your services.

Be the face of your brand. Your customers do want to learn More ...

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>Internet marketing is easier when you’re an expert in your field

 27th April 2009 by gihan

>I spoke recently with a business owner who imports and sells Belgian chocolates, who was looking for help with her Internet marketing.

I suggested she position herself as an expert. I wasn’t suggesting she became an expert in “selling Belgian More ...

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It’s All About You

 8th April 2009 by gihan

One of my favourite actors, Steve Martin, was asked in an interview to share what he considered the secret to success. He replied:

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

To me, this sums up what it means to be a thought leader. Know what More ...

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Are You a Brain Surgeon or a Plastic Surgeon?

 7th April 2009 by gihan

Like many people, I’ve been hearing a lot of news about the economic downturn, global financial crisis … I think we’re even allowed to say “recession” now, aren’t we?

Most of it?s bad news, of course, because More ...