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Instagram in Real Life – by Natalie Tran

 19th September 2014 by gihan

I always like Natalie Tran’s wry sense of humour, and this time she applies it to Instagram:

On a more serious note, Natalie Tran hosts one of Australia?s most popular YouTube channels. Every time she uploads a video, she gets at least half More ...

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I Matter: Thought Leaders Speaker Showcase

 6th September 2013 by gihan

Like it or not, the Internet has changed the world. Your world. There?s never been a better time to reach more people, add value, build high-performing teams, and create long-lasting relationships. In my keynote presentation Fast, Flat and More ...

What If Shopping in Real Life Was Like Online Shopping?

 2nd January 2013 by gihan

Here’s a humorous video from Google – but also one with a serious message:

The underlying message is that if you?re serious about selling stuff on the Internet, you need to be aware of the many ?exit ramps? your customers More ...

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>The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations

 15th August 2009 by gihan

>There’s a very funny video going around about client/vendor consulting relationships, and how they might operate in “the real world”:

This is funny, no doubt about it! But let?s not allow the humour to trick us into thinking More ...

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>Mike Myers Gives Some Motivational Advice

 5th April 2009 by gihan

>I’ve just been watching the DVD of Mike Myers’ movie The Love Guru. It’s – ahem – not the greatest movie of all time, and I’ve fallen asleep three times already before getting to the end.

But I was amused by some More ...

>Substance beats style every time!

 12th September 2008 by gihan


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>The Keynote: A Humorous Interlude

 4th September 2008 by gihan

>Let me tell you a true story …

I was walking along the beach one day, feeling lucky. My life was good. I had all my ducks lined up in a row. Whatever I had believed, I had conceived and achieved. And when the going had been tough, I?d More ...