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What is the Best Membership Site Software?

 7th August 2014 by gihan

What is the Best Membership Site Software?

If you?re planning to build a paid membership site to generate recurring income, you might feel confused or overwhelmed by the many choices available. Ning? Kajabi? WordPress? WishList Member? Before you jump in and make your choice, be More ...

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Are You Serving Your Clients WHEN They Want It?

 17th February 2014 by gihan

Are You Serving Your Clients WHEN They Want It?

If you deliver any conference presentations, training workshops or seminars, it?s no longer good enough to just provide a single one-off experience. Clients and audiences want more flexibility, not only in how they learn but also when they More ...

Members Only

 6th February 2014 by gihan

In this episode of Expert Gold Radio, we look at trends and tribes (or goal setting and membership sites). We suggest 8 goals for your workplace, look at 7 technology trends for business owners and marketers, and explain the 5 types of members More ...

Folding Time

 9th January 2014 by gihan

In this episode of Expert Gold Radio, we start 2014 with a look at productivity, telecommuting trends, and how to avoid the most common mistakes of running a paid membership site.

Listen to the episode here:

Download the MP3 file here

Folding Time – Neen James

If More ...

The Seven Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make With A Membership Site

 7th January 2014 by gihan

Build Your Membership Site

For experienced and established businesses, a paid membership site can be an obvious next step. In fact, over the last 18 months, I?ve noticed a renewed interest in clients wanting to create paid membership sites. But I?ve also noticed More ...

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>Create Recurring Income With a Paid Membership Site

 18th April 2012 by gihan

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Six Key Benefits of a Membership Site

 4th February 2011 by gihan

A membership site offers the promise of recurring income, but that’s not all. Here are six key benefits of creating your own on-line community.

1. Recurring income

If you?re charging a monthly or annual subscription fee for your site, of course one of the biggest More ...

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>Offer your clients more than your own stuff

 3rd September 2009 by gihan

>I hosted a webinar yesterday with guest presenter Matt Hern, who is a financial planner (my financial planner, in fact) and a professional speaker himself. After the webinar, one of the attendees wrote to thank both of us, saying:

?Although More ...

>What would your community do for you if you asked them?

 3rd May 2009 by gihan

>Yesterday I was listening to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg talk about her ideas for a successful start-up and a fulfilling career:

It?s worth watching the entire video for Sandberg?s ideas alone (or More ...

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>Membership Site or Password Access?

 14th April 2009 by gihan


Many infopreneurs provide some sort of password-protected access to their Web site, so they can offer additional resources to audiences, clients and members.

Broadly, this happens in one of two ways:

  1. Password Access: Let’s use this phrase to describe a simple password on your Web site that gives people access to a hidden page of information. For example, you might give your audience a password so they can download the slides or handouts from your presentation.
  2. Membership Site: A more comprehensive Web site with on-going value. In this case, you usually charge members a monthly fee for access to the site.

More and more clients are asking me about More ...

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