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Global Teams At Work

 24th March 2016 by gihan

Global Teams At Work

In an increasingly connected world, it’s important for leaders to understand the special dynamics of global teams, so they can reduce the perceived distance, manage time differences, and embrace diversity across cultures.

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Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

 5th January 2015 by gihan

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

The old way of setting goals is to sit down every January and set your goals for the next 12 months. But that doesn?t work anymore because the world is changing so fast. This means goals quickly become irrelevant and it?s too easy More ...

Switched Off

 28th November 2014 by gihan

Switched Off

Out of Office workers are used to being connected and online most of the time. But there might be times when you want to ?switch off? and be offline for an extended period. In this episode, we look at how to prepare for it, do it, More ...

5 Myths About Leading Distributed Teams

 9th October 2014 by gihan

Many managers admit they don’t know how to manage and lead virtual teams effectively — particularly when it comes to trust, communication, managing deadlines, and achieving consensus in decision-making. Even worse, there are some common myths More ...

Three Other Out of Office Books

 25th September 2014 by gihan

Three Out of Office Books

As the Out of Office trend continues, more authors have been writing about this lifestyle. In this episode, we review three other books in this area and compare them to our book.

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Cloud Computing For Out of Office Collaboration

 21st August 2014 by gihan

Cloud Computing For Out of Office Collaboration

Despite the explosive growth of cloud computing, few organisations are using it effectively for collaboration, especially with their Out of Office workers. In this episode, we share some practical tools to foster online collaboration.

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The Daily Routines of Out-Of-Office Geniuses

 19th June 2014 by gihan

The Daily Habits of Geniuses

In this episode, we look at the daily working lives of great artists, writers, philosophers, and other geniuses – and apply them to Out of Office work.

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How Out of Office Workers Can Become Great Managers

 28th May 2014 by gihan

Why Great Managers Are So Rare

Out of Office workers who aspire to management roles must work harder than their in-office colleagues to convince management they?re suitable for such roles. In this episode, we look at five skills the Gallup organisation identified for More ...

Personal Success for Out of Office Workers

 24th April 2014 by gihan

Personal Success

The Out of Office work style allows you to blend personal and professional success. In this episode, we give you some ideas for how to maximise this opportunity.

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Our Out of Office Productivity Platform

 25th March 2014 by gihan

Our Productivity Platform

There are lots of productivity tools, and in this episode we share our personal favourites. Everybody is different, so you?ll have to discover what works best for you. But we hope that by seeing what we use, you?ll be able to adapt More ...