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Hooked – by Gabrielle Dolan and Yamini Naidu

 31st January 2014 by gihan


The business world is catching on to something we have all known from a young age: There?s nothing like a good story to attract interest, share a message, make a point, and stay in the listener?s mind. In this book, Dolan and Naidu More ...

Contagious – by Jonah Berger

 13th December 2013 by gihan


This book is a fascinating and practical look into the psychology of influence. In particular, as the title suggests, it looks at why ideas catch on and spread.

Berger presents six key principles ? which he summarises with the acronym STEPPS: More ...

Using the STEPPS Model to Make Your Ideas Contagious

 26th November 2013 by gihan

In his book ?Contagious?, Jonah Berger describes six factors that make an idea more contagious ? in other words, more likely for people to share it with their friends and network. The six factors are: Social Currency, Triggers, Emotion, More ...

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How to Enthrall an Audience Like Steve Jobs

 30th October 2013 by gihan

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit Steve Jobs did a fabulous job turning Apple around, creating great consumer products, and generating huge brand loyalty. One of the things he does well is his presentations.

Carmine Gallo has More ...

Annoying PowerPoint – and How to Avoid It

 7th October 2013 by gihan

How to Avoid Annoying PowerPoint

PowerPoint expert Dave Paradi recently released the 2013 version of his “Annoying PowerPoint” survey.

According to the survey, here are the top 7 most annoying things about PowerPoint presentations:

  1. The speaker read the slides to us: 72.0%
  2. Text so small I couldn’t read it: 50.6%
  3. Full sentences instead of bullet points: 48.4%
  4. Overly complex diagrams: 30.8%
  5. Poor color choice: 25.8%
  6. No clear purpose: 22.1%
  7. No flow of ideas: 21.0%

I?m sure many of these are corporate More ...

Adam Spencer at Brilliant example of how not to be boring

 24th September 2013 by gihan

Australian radio show host Adam Spencer recently made a TED presentation about what is (for most people!) one of the most boring topics in the world: advanced mathematics. Yet his presentation, called ?Why I fell in love with monster prime More ...

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Presentation Zen 2nd Edition (including a contribution from Yours Truly)

 31st July 2013 by gihan

If you’re like many presenters, Garr Reynolds’ book “Presentation Zen” might have been your bible for presentation slide design. It’s a great book, and Garr has now released a second edition.

The new edition is about More ...

Book Review: Presentation Skills For Introverts, by Rob Dix

 24th May 2013 by gihan

This book is an introduction to presentation skills, so it?s useful for non-presenters and novice presenters. Although the title says it?s aimed at introverts, in fact it?s useful for anybody who wants to get started with public More ...

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Book Review: Presentations in Action, by Jerry Weissman

 12th April 2013 by gihan

This is a collection of presentation tips, some basic and some more advanced (it?s subtitled ?80 Memorable Presentation Lessons from the Masters?). It?s not a step-by-step guide to delivering presentations, but rather a More ...

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Flip the Classroom – What Every Professional Speaker and Trainer Needs to Know

 21st January 2013 by gihan

Flipping the Classroom

Suppose your best client came to you for advice about the best way to teach what you know. They want you to design a program for their people, who work all around the world. Money is no object, but they want you to design the absolute best More ...

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