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How to Handle the New Economy of Online Presentations

 21st May 2014 by gihan

I recently made a presentation to NSANZ, the National Speakers Association of New Zealand, about how to make effective online presentations.

Many NSANZ members are speakers and trainers, so of course they wanted to learn how to translate those presentations More ...

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>Interesting dynamics when mixing face-to-face and remote presentations

 11th December 2009 by gihan

>Today I was scheduled to deliver a small presentation at the Thought Leaders Conference in Sydney. I?m in Perth, so we were going to do it by webinar. I was all ready to go, but the conference was running behind schedule. We thought they would More ...

Professional Speakers – A Protected Species Fast Becoming an Endangered Species

 10th November 2009 by gihan

A few weeks ago, I attended Matt Church’s excellent two-day “Speech Building Boot Camp”, where Matt laid out a 27-step process for crafting a powerful presentation.

It was so methodical and logical that it got me thinking, ?Gee More ...

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Are You Just Presenting or Truly Engaging?

 30th October 2009 by gihan

I was talking to my four-year-old niece Abbey and six-year-old nephew Riley recently about visiting a friend in Sydney. Abbey thought you could only get there (from Perth) by boat, but I explained that no ? it was possible to go there by train More ...

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Seven Fatal Mistakes With Adding E-Learning To Your Business

 26th October 2009 by gihan

In the webinar I did last month about webinars, it was clear to me just how many people are excited about the opportunities available to infopreneurs who add on-line learning – or “e-learning” – to their service mix.

Many More ...

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