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The Best Social Media Strategy For You Right Now

 3rd December 2015 by gihan

You might have also heard that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to win the social media battle unless you have deep pockets. In fact, a client recently asked me something along those lines:

?Social media has become an incredibly overcrowded More ...

I Matter: Thought Leaders Speaker Showcase

 6th September 2013 by gihan

Like it or not, the Internet has changed the world. Your world. There?s never been a better time to reach more people, add value, build high-performing teams, and create long-lasting relationships. In my keynote presentation Fast, Flat and More ...

Social Media Leadership: The Story Every CEO Should Read (and Tell)

 18th September 2012 by gihan

According to the ?2012 Fortune 500 Social CEO Index?, just 19 of the CEOs of the world?s top 500 companies use Twitter ? and that? being generous and including those who have somebody else tweet on their behalf. That More ...

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5 Tips to Revamp Your Social Media Strategy

 13th September 2012 by gihan

Savvy business owners know it?s important to have a social media strategy ? or at least, to include social media in your marketing strategy. But your social media strategy might be floundering, and you?re not getting a return More ...

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How Much Social Media Time Do You Really Need? (It’s Less Than You Think)

 3rd September 2012 by gihan

Many business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs know they need to be more involved in social media, but worry that it?s going to take up too much of their precious time ? especially when it?s time taken away from their core business. More ...

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