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The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, by Chris Brogan

 8th August 2014 by gihan

The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth

Chris Brogan?s latest book is a call to action for people who want to turn their back on the idea of working in a traditional job and launch their own business. It addresses one of the biggest challenges of the new business owner: suddenly More ...

Grow Your Business – by Matt Church

 15th November 2013 by gihan

Grow Your Business Matt Church

This short e-book is a mini-marketing plan for any thought leadership business ? and in fact, for any business that wants to position itself as a trusted adviser to their customers and clients. It?s a book about marketing strategy More ...

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Book Review: The Online Treasure Map for Motivational Speakers, by Andrew McCauley

 31st October 2013 by gihan

This book offers good advice about how to promote yourself as a professional speaker. It’s not detailed, but it’s a good overview and introduction for anybody who wants to build a speaking business.

This is not a book about presentation More ...

Enterprising Thought Leadership

 3rd October 2013 by gihan

In this month’s episode, we look at thought leadership in large organisation, BYOD and online courses.

In this month’s episode, we look at thought leadership in large organisation, BYOD and online courses.

Listen to the episode here:

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How To Build Your Online Influence – Interview with Geoff McDonald

 26th September 2013 by gihan

Build Your Online Influence

I was recently interviewed by Geoff McDonald about how to build your online influence – among other things.

Geoff and I have known each other for a long time. So we talked about a number of things during this interview, including:

  • The day I visited every website in the world
  • Why I prefer the quality of connection and influence over quantity – and what this means for your social media strategy
  • Why webinars are the ‘perfect storm’
  • The various reasons for, and different ways to, write books
  • How I was featured in Garr Reynolds’ best selling book Presentation Zen – along with Seth Godin and Nancy Duarte
  • Steve Martin’s secret for success
  • The Three Rs of social media influence
  • Why you can be more influential working in a niche
  • Why referring people to experts other than yourself is good for you
  • The power of paying to learn from other experts
  • How to earn the right to be the authority in your field

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Poke the Box, by Seth Godin

 22nd February 2013 by gihan

This short book by Seth Godin encourages you to take action. Don’t wait for permission, don’t wait for everything to be right, don’t wait for somebody else. Just do it!

This book is more of a call to arms than a how-to manual. More ...

The Power of Impossible Thinking, by Colin Crook, Robert E. Gunther and Yoram R. Wind

 18th January 2013 by gihan

This is a book to help you think more clearly and break free of the constricting – and possibly outdated – mental models you might be using now.

Broadly, the book is based on the idea that the way we make sense of the world is largely More ...

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Get Smart: How to Get the Information You Need

 26th November 2012 by gihan

The world is changing faster than ever, and your clients and audiences expect you to be current with your area of expertise. They expect you to solve their information overload problem by taking in large volumes of information, sifting More ...

The Value of Mentoring

 23rd October 2012 by gihan

As you might know, I was in Sydney last month to attend Matt Church?s excellent Million Dollar Expert Program. It was the fourth time I?ve done it! You might More ...

Book Review: Start with Why – by Simon Sinek

 7th September 2012 by gihan

Practically every goal-setting book ever written urges you to start with your purpose, mission or ?Why?. In this book, Sinek urges businesses to do the same thing. It?s not a new idea, even in the business world, but Sinek suggests More ...

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