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 10th December 2013 by gihan


Videoconferencing has come of age, and it’s now a feasible, attractive and sometimes even preferable option for bringing people together. Let’s look at the pros and cons, tools and principles for making it work.

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15 Ways to Make Your Ideas More Visual

 25th March 2013 by gihan

I recently ran a webinar showing a number of ways to display your content in a more visual way. Here’s a list of the 15 things I mentioned, broken down into five areas: Photographs, video, slide shows, screen capture video, and live events.


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Three Simple Ways to Use Online Video That Every Business Owner Should Know – and Use

 19th February 2013 by gihan

Online Video

If you?re a business owner, you can?t ignore the power of online video to generate leads, turn prospects into customers, and bring you repeat business. Online video is no longer difficult or expensive, so it?s time for you to More ...

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How to Promote Yourself on YouTube

 15th December 2011 by gihan

If you’re an eGuru, you need to be on YouTube – no ifs and buts about it! Everybody and their cat is there, so if you’re not, it reflects poorly on you.

But don?t set out to create the world?s best viral video. Start by More ...

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Six Power Tactics to Tap Into YouTube

 15th June 2010 by gihan

We all know Google is the world’s biggest search engine, right? But what comes second? It’s not Bing or Yahoo! or Baidu (the leading search engine in China).

No. It’s YouTube.

I remember when Google first bought YouTube a few years More ...

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