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5 Easy Ways to Score More Referrals, Renewals, and Repeat Business

 19th August 2014 by gihan

5 Easy Ways to Score More Repeat, Referral and Renewal Business

I was speaking recently to a group of real estate professionals about how to use their Web site (and other online marketing tools) to get more repeat business, more referrals, and more renewals. Most people think online marketing is just about More ...

Web Site Success

 3rd July 2014 by gihan

Web sites might seem like such old technology, now that we have blogging, YouTube, social media, mobile apps, and so on. But that makes your Web site even more important than ever before. Even if people find you somewhere else, they will come More ...

‘Fun and sexy’ social media could get you in trouble

 26th February 2013 by gihan

Playing with fire

When I presented a workshop to a group of financial advisers in Cairns last October, I talked about the importance of getting your Web site right before getting caught up in the hype of social media. All your social media marketing efforts will More ...

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The Web Site Guide: What Not To Worry About

 16th January 2013 by gihan

Web development

Even though social media has become more prominent in your marketing, your Web site is still one of your most important online tools, because it?s the place people go before they eventually decide to do business with you. However, many business More ...

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Stop Confusing Your Web Site Visitors

 25th January 2012 by gihan

When you plan your Web site, give careful thought to your site navigation ? in other words, the menu ?buttons? available on every page of the site to help site visitors find their way around. Many Web site owners think about More ...

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>The second most important thing on your Web site

 16th January 2012 by gihan

>The most important thing about your Web site is targeting the right market. If you don’t get this right, nothing else matters.

But even if you have the right market in mind, you need to know their level of understanding about your topic. More ...

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Are You Taking Your Site Visitors Forward?

 22nd September 2011 by gihan

Mozilla, the organisation responsible for the popular Firefox browser, published some research about the most-used browser buttons. Not surprisingly, the button clicked the most was the Back button ? being used by 93% of users in a five-day More ...

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15 Easy Ways to Improve Your Web Site

 28th June 2011 by gihan

I recently conducted a webinar titled ?The 15 Essential Components of a Thought Leader?s Web Site?. In it, I covered (surprise!) the 15 basic things I think should be on every thought leader?s Web site. These More ...

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How to Navigate the Internet Marketing Map

 13th April 2011 by gihan


Facebook has over 600 million users; Twitter has over 200 million; and just last week, LinkedIn announced that it had reached 100 million. These are the Big Three social media platforms, and you might be excused for despairing that you More ...

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Promoting Your Products and Services the Right Way

 11th April 2011 by gihan

Every Web site is different, of course, but there’s a common structure that underlies every successful Web site. It consists of four layers, so think of your Web site as being like an onion.

The first, innermost, layer is your on-line “shop”, More ...

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