10 Innovative Ideas for Travel Agents

10 Innovative Ideas for Travel AgentsSome travel agents think the Internet has destroyed their business because clients now have access to everything online. However, smart travel agents are using their expertise, knowledge and insights to use the online world to create more compelling experiences for their clients – which means they stand out from the rest, provide greater value, and create long-term loyal clients.

Watch this slide show for some ideas:

Here are the 10 ideas:

  1. Invite clients to post their bucket list destinations on your Facebook page
  2. Use Animoto to build an animated travel photo album for your clients
  3. Use SurveyMonkey to ask your clients what they want most
  4. Use Nimble to manage all your client relationships – including social media
  5. Use SmartLayover to help clients make the most of airport waits
  6. Help clients use TripIt to keep all their travel information in one place
  7. Use Jauntful to create a destination guide for your clients
  8. Use 30k to match best fares with best frequent flyer miles
  9. Use Hitlist to help find destinations for clients
  10. Use Twitter for clients to stay in touch with you while travelling

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