Free E-Book: Expect More From 2017

At the start of each year, I invite my clients to contribute a short article to an e-book full of tips and strategies for success in your personal and professional life.

This is what you will find in this year’s edition:

  1. An Alternative Point of View to Expecting More! – David Penglase
  2. Step Up and Stand For Something – Gihan Perera
  3. Powerful Year – Dr. Amy Silver
  4. Ensure That 2017 Is Your Best Year Yet – Ian Berry
  5. Learning How to Be An Effective Learner – Dr. Nicky Howe
  6. Flip the Switch To “TRUST” – Ann Rolfe
  7. Your Role Is to Guide, Not To Control – Bryan Whitefield
  8. The Best Leaders Do Less, Not More – Ross Clennett
  9. The Power of Story – Justus Lewis
  10. The Best Advice, Ever – Clive Murphy
  11. The Secret to Managing Sales Performance – Paul Archer
  12. 4 Steps to Motivate High Performance in Your People – Dr. Maree Harris
  13. Your New Way of Lifting Your EQ – Christopher Golis
  14. Modelling Civility In 2017 – Dr. Ann Villiers
  15. Resiliency: Bounce Back from Challenges – Rob Salisbury
  16. How to Transform Your Coaching In 2017 – Maree McPherson
  17. Finish What You Start – Shelley Dunstone
  18. Inspire Leaders to Change The Game – Brian Donovan
  19. Why Plans Matter In 2017 – Dr. Richard Huysmans
  20. Mindfulness and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) – Trisha Carter


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