Managing Disruption Means Doing Two Things At the Same Time

 27th April 2017 by gihan

Disruption – by definition – hits existing businesses the hardest, so you would expect boards and senior leaders to create effective plans for managing disruptive forces in their industry. Yet, time and time again, we hear about established players – even the biggest in an industry – seemingly caught unawares when disruption hits.

One reason is that established businesses are too busy focussed on their current work, so they get blinkered and narrow-minded. But this isn’t the full story. Scott D. Anthony, Innosight managing partner, has a different idea: He suggests that established businesses know they could be disrupted, and think they are planning for it, but create unintentional barriers that could thwart their efforts. He argues that leaders must take a different approach to balancing the competing demands of existing business and new business, and outlines this idea in an episode of the Harvard Business Review podcast, Ideacast.

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Each episode of this podcast from Harvard Business Review features an interview with a Harvard academic, the author of a new book, or some other authority on some aspect of business. As you would expect from the Harvard Business Review, the interview guests are leading authorities in their field, and the topics are covered in depth and with appropriate levels of evidence and academic support.

That said, the interviews are presented in an engaging and accessible way. As with the HBR magazine, many of the topics are most relevant in larger organisations. Even so, many of the topics covered in this podcast apply equally to leaders and managers in smaller businesses as well.

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