22 Ways The World Became Better In 2022

For many people, this has been yet another challenging year, but there have been many bright spots as well. Join me for a glimpse into the future, a collection of innovations and trends from 2022, and even an original song about technology and Christmas! WATCH THE VIDEO DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK HERE M...

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To Make Better Decisions, Scan Wider

Like many others, during our strict lockdown early in the pandemic, we used jigsaw puzzles to while away the time. If you enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles, you know the most common tactics: start with the edges, sort the pieces by colour, sort them by shape, tackle a difficult section together, work on...

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China On Our Doorstep

The world’s power is shifting, and many commentators are calling this The Asian Century. China expert David Thomas explains why Australia is perfectly placed to take advantage of this – and why it’s an imperative now.
In this conversation, you will learn:

How the world’s ec...

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This Asian Century

The power in the world has shifted, from Europe in the 19th century and the USA in the 20th century. Now we’re in The Asian Century, and it will change our world in profound ways. Organisations who tap into it will see great opportunities, while those who don’t will fall behind.

If yo...

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