Leverage Mentoring

Mentoring & Coaching

I often get asked for consulting advice, about future technology, strategic planning, or leveraging expertise. I do offer other leadership programs, but sometimes you might want a single session instead of a full program.

Here are some examples of the sort of things I can help you with:

  • Impact of global megatrends, technology, or other future changes on your business, product, service, or idea
  • “Big picture” review of a new product, service or idea
  • Identifying pressure points (risk and threats) to current business operations.
  • Assisting with a presentation coming up
  • Managing information overload and productivity

How does it work?

It’s simple: We schedule a time to meet, you tell me your objectives in advance, send me any material you would like me to review beforehand, and then we work together on a Zoom conference call for 90 minutes.

Availability: I’m usually booked 1-2 weeks in advance for these sessions, so keep that in mind when planning.

The fee is $2,500 plus GST.

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