Thank you for joining the Future-Ready Leaders program. We’ll be working closely together over three months, and it will be really useful for me to understand what you would most like to get from the program. Please complete this form to let me know!

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    It's always a challenge to find days and times that suit everybody, but let's do our best! Please nominate ALL days and times that work well for you (in your own time zone).
  • NOTE: We have one person in Germany and another in New Zealand, which are 10 hours apart. So we'll probably settle on a time zone that's early morning in Germany, afternoon in Australia, and early evening in New Zealand.
  • For example: days/times that don't work, planned holidays/vacations, specific dates that are a problem, etc.
  • Your Goals and Outcomes

    All of these are optional, but obviously the more you can tell me the better I can tailor the program for your specific needs. If you have already answered some of these in your initial enrolment form (a copy of that was emailed to you), feel free to cut-and-paste from there.
  • What benefits or outcomes do you want from this program?
  • Be realistic! I fully understand this might not be your top priority right now, but that doesn't matter. It's really useful to both of us to understand where this fits for you.
  • This will help me tailor the program as much as possible for you.
  • Even though this is a group coaching program, I would still like to do as much as possible to help you individually achieve your goals.
  • This will help me design and prioritise the skills presentations available to all your team members.
  • Topics of Interest

    Please select up to 5 topics from the list below. This will help me choose the most suitable topics for our group coaching sessions. These are SAMPLE topics only. If you're interested in something that's not listed here, please list it in the comments field below.