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A Culture of Change Agents
If you have created a workplace environment that doesn’t encourage, nurture, and inspire people to ‘go above and beyond’, that’s your fault, not theirs. In a tight labour market, if you don’t build a culture for change, they will find somebody else who does.

Track The Future
You know the future is uncertain and constantly changing, and most people don’t anticipate changes quickly enough. What are YOU doing to make sure you and your team are keeping track of important trends that could have a significant impact on your current plans?

A Turning Point In History
When the Black Death spread through the world in the 14th century, it changed the power dynamic between employers and employees. The same is happening now after the COVID-19 pandemic, and the best leaders understand what has changed – and what they need to do differently.

Create Space For Innovation
Innovation and change don’t just happen! The best leaders build an environment that fosters a culture of change. It starts with giving people permission, focus, and time to innovate.

Let’s Get Digital
Many organisations are on a ‘digital transformation’ journey. But there are different levels of being digital, and the right choice for you depends on how well it helps you serve people better.

Disruptive Questions
In a disruptive world, you don’t have to change everything. Future-ready leaders understand the reality now, so they can plan whatever they need to act in the short term. But they also look further ahead, so they can be flexible enough to accommodate change and thrive in the longer term.

The Power of the Pivot
Many people think of disruption as a bolt from the blue that comes out of nowhere and shakes up an entire industry. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes you can make a small change in a slightly different direction. Done right, a small change creates massive opportunities.

How Much Do You Trust Them?
In a fast-changing world, leaders and managers need to trust and empower their team members – especially in a hybrid workplace. This is especially challenging when we’re asking them to make critical decisions that affect our organisation’s reputation, brand, and bottom line.

Know Your COI – The Cost of Inaction
When creating a plan, you calculate the return on investment, or ROI, for taking action. But unless you also calculate the cost of inaction, or COI, your plan lacks context.