Thank you for attending the masterclass. I’ve put together this VIP resource page for you. Scroll down and grab the resources, including a copy of my book “Webinar Smarts” and some other resources to help you get more out of your webinars.

Workshop Slides

Here are the main slides from the workshop, for your reference.

Stunning Slides – webinar recording

In this webinar, I show you how to create better PowerPoint slide decks, which are especially important for webinars, because your slides are your visuals (not just a visual aid). We cover things like using pictures, the SmartArt feature that turns bullet lists into graphics, the do’s and don’ts of animation, and showing charts and maps.

The Webinar Smarts book

Would you like to successfully use webinars, but you’re not sure how? Or perhaps you’re intimidated by the technology? The fact is, webinars can be one of your most powerful presentation tools – if you know how to run them properly. The book “Webinar Smarts” covers nearly everything you need to know about taking your expert knowledge – the material you already deliver day in, day out – and delivering it by webinar.


5 TED Talk Secrets To Revamp Your Online Presentations – webinar recording

This webinar talks about how to be more engaging with your online presentations. It covers humour, story-telling, audience interaction, visuals, and finally your message. The main point is that your message is important, but it’s also important to keep your audience engaged throughout the webinar.

Make Your Online Presentation More Interactive – webinar recording

In this webinar, I list 21 way to make an online presentation more interactive.

Bright Sparks – The Future of Innovation

This is the demo webinar I used during the masterclass. If you’re interested in watching the full webinar, here it is!