The Future-Ready Adviser

Special Report

Being fit for the future doesn’t mean you need to be the next global disruptor. It means constantly assessing and evaluating everything you do, amplifying what best serves clients, and discarding what doesn’t.

Whether you’re a financial planner, accountant, insurance agent, or mortgage/finance broker, it’s time to do things differently.

During good times, people feel safe and secure, so they don’t have to be as careful with their decisions. But when times are tough, they question everything, watch every dollar in and out, and focus on what really matters. Even your most loyal clients might now question your value, and might be seeking other options. Be proactive, communicate more, and look for ways to give real value.

To be a future-ready adviser, focus on these four strategies:

  1. Reconnect with clients
  2. Build relationships, not transactions
  3. Leverage your team
  4. Combine high-tech and high touch

Read my special report ‘The Future-Ready Adviser’ to discover twelve practical ways to put these ideas into practice.

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