Thanks for purchasing a site licence for the Magnetic Messages Online course. This page describes how you and your team access it.

Please print or save this page for future reference (or save your confirmation email with the link that brought you here).

The Site Licence

The course is hosted by Thinkific, a well-known online course provider.

You now have a site licence for 100 people. You get a voucher (Thinkific calls this a “coupon code”) you can share with others in your team or organisation, and they use that voucher when they enrol. That applies a 100% discount – i.e. it costs them nothing.

After they have enrolled, they have full, unlimited access to the course. Thinkific remembers which modules they have completed, so they can do the course at their own pace. They can log in as many times as they wish to complete the modules and review them in the future.

The voucher can be used 100 times (that is, by 100 different people), but has no time limit, so it’s up to you how and when you share it. You will probably want to enrol yourself first!

Your Voucher

You will find your voucher code in your confirmation email (the one with the link to this page), directly below the course name, like this (in this case, the voucher code is cavatina27):

It’s also at the bottom of the PDF invoice attached to that email:

There are two ways you can share this with people.

You might want to promote the course as widely as possible, but want people to contact you directly for the voucher code. In that case, use this link, which allows them to see the course overview, watch sample modules, etc. – but they then need to ask you for the code:

Alternatively, if you want to be completely “hands off”, send out an enrolment link like this instead, replacing cavatina27 with your voucher code:

Remember the voucher can only be used 100 times, and if you use the second option, anybody who gets the link can use it! So if you’re worried about the link being shared publicly by accident, don’t use this option.

Enjoy the course!

Enjoy the course, and please drop me a line if you have any questions or suggestions for improving the course. I’m always open to suggestions based on what people most want (For example, I added the module about Q&A after somebody asked for it).