Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

No, the robots are not coming for our jobs! But artificial intelligence (AI) is changing almost every industry. Employer demand for AI in the workplace has more than doubled over the last three years, and most CEOs expect their employees and machines to work as “integrated teams”.

All the evidence shows that people and machines together are better than either of them alone. For smart, savvy organisations and leaders, this is a real game-changer – because AI can boost productivity, enhance customer service, and create a competitive advantage in a fast-moving world.

Key Messages

  • The hype and the truth about the impact of AI
  • Integrating AI into your workplace
  • Wise leadership in an age of AI, automation, and digital transformation


This presentation is ideal for people at all levels in an organisation. Available as a 45-60 minute keynote or a more interactive 90-minute presentation.


All participants get a downloadable copy of Gihan’s book Disruption By Design. Print copies of the book can also be purchased in bulk in advance.