Attract and keep the best people

The workplace of the future will be very different from the workplace of today. It’s not just technology and automation – it’s about the environment you create for attracting the smart, talented, savvy people with the skills you need for future-proofing your organisation.

The bad news is that those “stars” are in demand, and can choose where they work. Are you providing the workplace that will attract and keep them?

How good is YOUR workplace?
The Best Workplace On Earth

Many organisations think they have a strong culture and positive workplace, but they might be wrong! The problem is usually that you’re evaluating your workplace on what used to be effective and attractive to employees, but that might no longer be the case.

In particular, the best people now expect more from work, and they won’t tolerate a workplace that doesn’t offer enough of these benefits.

Are you providing the workplace that will attract and keep the best? Take this five-minute survey to find out.

Key Messages

  • Learn the key skills for future-ready workplaces
  • Discover the five things that make up the best workplaces on Earth
  • Understand what you can do – now – to transform your workplace


This 45-60 minute keynote is one of Gihan’s most-booked presentations, and is particularly suitable for leadership groups. Use this for a high-impact opening keynote, an inspiring closing keynote, or the opening session the morning after the Gala Dinner.


All participants get a downloadable copy of Gihan’s book Disruption By Design and a subscription to his Future-Ready Leaders webcast series. Print copies of the book can also be purchased in bulk in advance.