The New Rules for Productivity and Performance

In our highly-connected, “always on”, 24/7, chaotic, “living with COVID” world, the old rules of goal setting, productivity and time management don’t work. Our goals become meaningless when the environment changes, it’s difficult to stay productive when we’re constantly interrupted, hybrid teams make meetings difficult, and the 9-to-5 Monday-to-Friday week just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Instead of fighting this chaos, harness it to work for you. In this presentation, you will discover research-based strategies and practical tactics to apply these principles in your personal and professional life. You’ll feel less stressed, more motivated, in control of your in-box (finally!), and less anxious about constant change and disruption.

Ironically, most presentations about productivity end with attendees needing to do more work in order to save time. If you’re looking for something different, this is it. It’s especially suitable for busy people and hard-working teams in organisations that need to innovate, compete, and stay ahead in a fast-changing world.

Key Messages

  • Learn how to manage your time, energy, and attention in an always-on world
  • Take more control of your own future
  • Gain higher productivity and performance in your team


This presentation is ideal for people at all levels in an organisation. Available as a 45-60 minute keynote or a more interactive 90-minute presentation.