High-Tech Meets High-Touch

COVID-19 has changed the way we connect, and we will remember it as the single global event that truly accelerated digital transformation in everyday life – with more working from home, QR codes, the Netflix boom, the exponential growth of artificial intelligence, and new ways to shop and buy. Whether you’re dealing with customers, engaging with colleagues, or planning your career, accelerating digital boosts productivity and performance, enhances service, and keeps you ahead of the game in a fast-moving world.

Inside your organisation, employee expectations have changed, and many people want the benefits they gain from a more digital-enabled workplace. On the outside, customers expect better experiences, influenced by their experiences from the digital world. For smart, savvy people, accelerating digital is a real game-changer that gives you a competitive edge in your career, team, and organisation.

Key Messages

  • Understand the three ways the world has become more digital (and three ways it hasn’t)
  • Discover four ways to be more digital-enabled in your everyday work
  • Embrace a digital-first mindset in your personal and professional life


This presentation is ideal for people at all levels in an organisation. Available as a 45-60 minute keynote or a more interactive 90-minute presentation.