The Future of Leadership in a Fast-Changing World

COVID-19 has shaken up our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine, and the real disruption is still to come. More than ever, we need leaders to step up and lead the way through this time of uncertainty and rapid change.

A crisis doesn’t create leaders – it amplifies them. In “normal” times, many organisations tolerate mediocre leaders. But in a crisis, those leaders are ruthlessly exposed. The best leaders treat their people as people, but know performance still matters. They know how to plan from the head – to achieve their business objectives – but lead with their heart – to bring people along on the journey.

Successful leaders engage the minds and hearts of their stakeholders, leverage the talents of their team, and provide confidence and clarity in an uncertain future.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how COVID-19 has changed our priorities
  • Discover how smart, savvy leaders are navigating through crisis, recovery, and growth
  • Learn how to leverage individual skills and talents to create a more agile, resilient, and “antifragile” organisation


Typically a 90-minute extended keynote, with interactive activities and processes that shift thinking, spark conversations, and generate practical ideas. Also available as a 45-60 minute high-impact keynote presentation.