Innovate from the inside out

Most disruption happens from new competitors, and often even from outside your industry. Innovation and disruption are two sides of the same coin: Disruption is when change happens to you, innovation is when you lead the change yourself.

Innovation is everybody’s business now, and the best organisations and teams foster a culture of ongoing innovation. Successful teams make innovation a habit, so it becomes embedded into everyday work and an important part of the culture.

Key Messages

  • Foster a culture of innovation in your team
  • Engage clients and customers in innovation and change
  • Make time for innovation in a busy workplace
  • Use simple, practical techniques for generating ideas and taking action


Typically a 90-minute extended keynote, with interactive activities and processes that shift thinking, spark conversations, and generate practical ideas. Also available as a 45-60 minute high-impact keynote presentation.


All participants get a downloadable copy of Gihan’s book Disruption By Design. Print copies of the book can also be purchased in bulk in advance.