Thriving, not just surviving, in a disrupted world

The world is changing faster than ever before. Digital disruption, global reach, and the changing workplace affect us all. That’s bad news if you think you can get by with what has always worked before. But it’s exciting news if you’re willing to embrace the new opportunities.

Take an inspiring, eye-opening, and engaging ride into the future to learn about the global megatrends shaping your industry, the mindset that helps you lead the change, and the skills you need to get things done in a fast-changing world.

Key Messages

  • The global megatrends shaping business and society
  • Influence and power in the Age of Access
  • Change is the new normal
  • Take more control of your own future


This 45-60 minute keynote is Gihan’s most-booked presentation, and is suitable for all audiences. Use this for a high-impact opening keynote, an inspiring closing keynote, or the opening session the morning after the Gala Dinner.


All participants get a downloadable copy of Gihan’s book Disruption By Design. Print copies of the book can also be purchased in bulk in advance.