Financial Advisers: Trends that will Shape the Profession in 2019

It’s been a challenging year for many in the financial services industry, and you don’t need to be a futurist to see some of the immediate changes ahead, for example: [qp_popup_trigger_btn popup-id=”24804″ content=”Download Now”] Increased monitoring and oversight ...

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The Australian Fintech Landscape

I’ve been doing a lot of work in the financial services industry recently, and it’s an area that has been facing a lot of disruption recently.

Of course, there’s the Financial Services Royal Commission, which is due to deliver an interim report at the end of this month. But even if you igno...

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The Busy Adviser’s Secret to Lifelong Clients

In a business environment where clients have more choices and information than ever before, keeping in touch with clients – and providing value – is not just about FoFA, the FSI, or compliance – it’s just good business.

Do your clients only hear from you when you send them a statement or in...

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The #1 Skill to Future Proof Your Business

I have TPD insurance with AIA. That’s no big deal, of course – thousands of Australians are insured with AIA. But an interesting feature of my AIA insurance is that I get a 10% discount on all my Qantas domestic flights. As a professional speaker who travels a lot, that is a big deal!

This is a...

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Forever Young – Life Extension Science

  In 2015, then-Treasurer Joe Hockey was ridiculed for suggesting that some children alive right now could live to 150. But experts in anti-ageing – or “life extension science”, as it’s known – support his claim. It’s a fascinating area of science, and one t...

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What You Don’t Know WILL Hurt You – Disruption in the Mortgage Broking Industry

The release this week of the Sedgwick Report brings yet another major change to this fast-changing industry. If you’re a broker, you might despair because it places even tighter controls over your business, while at the same time you’re facing competition from other outside forces (suc...

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Financial Services Firms:Staying Ahead of the Game In Our Fast, Flat and Free World

Financial services firms in Australia continue to face uncertainty through government regulation (FoFA and FSI), market conditions, increasing competition, and online services. Smart practices who see opportunity in this volatile environment can stand out from the rest, embrace change and innovation...

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