Are You Involving Your Most Passionate Customers In Your Business?

I was speaking at a local government conference about how they can involve their residents – their customers and clients – more in their day-to-day operations. Are you doing the same in your business? Don’t treat your customers as just walking dollar signs – they can be activ...

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Local Governments: Tap into the Ingenuity and Motivation of Your Residents

For a long time, most local government authorities have taken a paternalistic approach to providing services to residents: they assume the government knows the best way to provide services, and residents generally don’t have much input. In many cases, this was the only practical solution, beca...

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Ideas For Local Government Innovation in our Fast, Flat and Free World

Local government authorities face challenges and opportunities in our fast, connected and open world. Those that meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities can provide better services, remain sustainable and viable, and thrive even in an uncertain future. ...

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