How Disruptable Is Your Business?

Disruption seems to come from out of the blue, catching everybody in an industry by surprise. It’s often the strongest, most stable, most well-established businesses that are the first to fall. The bad news is you can’t predict where the disruption is going to come from — that’s outside you...

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Flying cars are coming sooner than you think

We all watched The Jetsons and either laughed at or desperately wanted its futuristic flying cars. Now, more than 50 years on, the idea may soon be a reality. I was recently interviewed on this topic by journalist Adrianna Zappavigna. We talked about drones, air taxis, flyi...

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Which Industries Are Most At Risk of Disruption? My Interview on Your Money

A few weeks ago, Melbourne taxi drivers launched a class action lawsuit for $500 million against Uber, claiming that it was operating illegally in its early days from 2014, and had caused significant losses to the established taxi industry.

This is a copycat lawsuit, with these taxi drivers jumping...

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The Busy Adviser’s Secret to Lifelong Clients

In a business environment where clients have more choices and information than ever before, keeping in touch with clients – and providing value – is not just about FoFA, the FSI, or compliance – it’s just good business.

Do your clients only hear from you when you send them a statement or in...

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Making You Fit for the Future

Virtual reality, social media, and global markets have changed the face of real estate, and real estate agents have to change to keep up. Be willing to look at what’s working for you and what’s not, and ruthlessly abandon what’s not working in place of something better.
Read the fu...

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Dead End Job

The youngest Millennials (Gen Ys) and their younger siblings, Gen Z, are expected to have up to 17 jobs each across their careers. That means they need high levels of adaptability and a willingness to be self motivated.

Most workplaces still carry over baggage from 200 years ago, when offices were ...

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Your #1 Threat: Your Own Brain

Obviously we all use our brains, and one thing we do especially well is pattern matching. We’re great at seeing, recognising and acting on patterns in the world – and that gives us valuable insights, judgement, and wisdom.

A lot of what we call intuition comes from pattern matching – even if ...

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The Future of Conferences

The NSW Government recently announced a trial of in-ground “traffic lights” at key intersections in the CBD, to warn pedestrians on mobile phones who don’t look up while crossing the road. It’s been interesting to see the reactions to this idea on social media. Many people are saying it just...

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The Future of Medicine – It’s the Patient … err, Customer

Last year, my parents moved house after 40 years. When searching for a new local GP, my 80-year-old father’s first source of information was online reviews he found on Google. Although he’s intelligent and computer-savvy, he’s hardly the stereotype of the typical social-media-obsessed Internet...

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Find Your Disruption Pressure Points

You might be sick of hearing about “disruption” in every industry. And that’s no surprise, because examples abound: Uber disrupting the taxi industry, Netflix disrupting movie rentals and cinemas, Apple disrupting the music industry, and so on. In fact, Accenture’s Technology Vision 2016 rep...

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