Engaging With the New Customer

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way you engage with your customers. The new customer has different wants and needs, and the organisations that succeed understand the five key trends shaping the post-pandemic customer. Get customers on your side, so you understand the new customer journey, discover how to solve their problems, and future-proof your business in the short and long term.

What is Your Customer’s Experience?

To be truly customer-centric, bring your customers inside your business, so they act like partners. When you get customers on your side, you tap into their diversity, create long-term loyalty, and future-proof your role in the customer journey.

Try this quick 10-question self-assessment to check how you’re doing with bringing customers on your side – just count how many of these you can (honestly!) say “Yes!” to:

  1. (Yes/No) We ask customers for their advice in product design
  2. (Yes/No) We regularly incorporate customer design ideas into our products
  3. (Yes/No) We provide high-quality loyalty experiences to customers
  4. (Yes/No) We ask customers to invite friends to share these experiences
  5. (Yes/No) We let customers do some of the work themselves
  6. (Yes/No) We recognise and reward customers for their participation
  7. (Yes/No) We have an active community of customers who help each other
  8. (Yes/No) We encourage customers to share “hacks” in using our products
  9. (Yes/No) We encourage feedback regularly during our delivery
  10. (Yes/No) We offer “beta” releases of products to a few key customers

If you were to honestly assess your own business, how did you score?

Most business owners and leaders give themselves a score of 4 or 5. That’s way below the best in the world or even the best in their industry. And if customers are the life blood of your business, that means you’re critically at risk of disruption.

Who Is This For?

This program is ideal for:

  • Business owners
  • Leaders – especially in sales and marketing
  • Customer-facing team members

What Do You Get?

  • Understand the five key trends shaping the post-pandemic customer
  • Map out the changes in your unique customer journey
  • Create stronger ties and greater customer loyalty
  • Design a practical 90-day action plan to bring customers on your side

How Does It Work?

The program is available in three delivery formats, each with multiple touchpoints:

  1. In-House Workshop: A half-day or full-day workshop, delivered in person at your premises (or at a suitable training venue)
  2. Online Delivery: Either one online presentation covering one of the modules/topics OR three online presentations, two weeks apart
  3. Conference Session: A conference session (keynote or breakout, online or in-person)

All options include ongoing support:

  • E-mail access to Gihan for 90 days
  • Access to the Disruption By Design resource centre for 90 days