This page is for additional resources Gihan mentions in some of his presentations.

Some of these link to external websites, and these are provided without any specific endorsement or approval. Please use your judgement in using them.

Coming Events

Presenting Online

Prezi Video

Prezi Video is an online presentation tool that combines video and slides to enhance the audience experience for keynote presenters. The two videos below show you how it works.

A brief extract of a keynote presentation using Prezi Video

A short tutorial about how to build a presentation using Prezi Video

Stunning Slides

This is the recording of an online presentation I conducted recently about how to build more engaging slides for online presentations.

Stock Libraries and Design Tools

  • Pixabay
  • StockUnlimited
  • Lordicon (animated icons – great for presentations because they load fast)
  • ProVideoFactory (stock videos – not recommended for online presentations, but good for others)
  • Crello (create high-quality designed images)
  • RelayThat (branded images for presentations and social media

Gihan’s Programs

Marketing Tools

  • FindThatLead – look up email and other contact details
  • Happy Scribe – create automatic transcripts and subtitles to audio and video
  • Switchy – create custom retargeting links
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