Channelling Chaos – High Performance in a Fast, Flat and Free World

Channelling Chaos for Productivity and Performance

The old rules for success don’t work in our fast-changing world. Learn practical skills for improving productivity and performance, so you thrive in chaos and work together to achieve team and individual goals.

Step Up – Create Your Personal Brand

Create Your Personal Brand

The best people aren’t afraid to stand for something that matters to them. Discover the five key ingredients to build a powerful personal brand, so you become known for what you know.

Disruption By Design

Innovate from the Inside Out

Our world is changing faster than ever before, and your organisation will be disrupted, sooner or later. But you don’t have to wait to be disrupted! Disruption is when change happens to you, innovation is when you create change yourself. Instead of being at the mercy of external pressures, take the lead and create positive disruption – by design.

Customers On Your Side – Be a Truly Customer-Centric Organisation

Be a Truly Customer-Centric Organisation

Most organisations are missing the most powerful way to engage customers. The best way to be customer-centric is to bring your customers inside your business, so they act like partners in your business. When you get customers on your side, you tap into their diversity, create long-term loyalty, and future-proof your role in the customer journey.

Magnetic Messages – Cut Through The Clutter

Cut Through The Clutter

Although your presentation might be the most important thing in your world, it’s just one of the hundreds of messages your audience will receive that day – so it’s easily forgotten. When you craft a magnetic message, it has deeper impact, a wider reach and a life of its own long after you’ve gone. Learn to be more persuasive, and it will transform your personal and professional life.

The Best Workplace on Earth – Attract and Keep The Best Talent

Attract and Keep The Best Talent

The workplace of the future is not just about technology and automation – it’s about the environment you create for attracting the smart, talented, savvy people with the skills you need for future-proofing your organisation. The bad news is that those “stars” are in demand, and can choose where they work. Are you providing the workplace that will attract and keep them?