Disruption By Design

Disruption By Design

Leading the Change in a Fast-Changing World

Disruption is when change happens to you, innovation is when you create change yourself. It’s the difference between being reactive rather than being proactive, being at the mercy of others instead of being in control, and being a victim instead of being a leader.

Innovation is disruption, but with you in control. In other words, it’s disruption by design.

The Future Of Leadership

The Future of Leadership

Nine Things Successful Leaders Do Now

We used to say “There’s no ‘I’ in Team”. But that’s changed now.

Our fast-moving, dynamic, customer-centric world needs a new kind of leadership. The best leaders now are authorities in their own right, leverage the power of their team members, and engage their wider community.

Fast, Flat And Free

Fast, Flat and Free

How the Internet Has Changed Your Business

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t know the rules have changed. They think Internet marketing is about branding, hype, advertising, mass markets, needs, traffic, transactions, copywriting and better products and services.

It’s not. It’s about personal brand, value, reputation, niches, wants, communities, connections, buying frames and better experiences.

Webinar Smarts

Power Secrets of Engaging, Profitable Webinars

Webinars are one of the fastest-growing tools to deliver high-quality material to clients, prospective clients, teams, and your broader network. They are not just for experienced trainers, speakers and presenters – although many of these people do use them very effectively. They can be used just as well by other business owners to promote and showcase their products, deliver follow-up support and training, and build client loyalty.