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Future Scenarios

Seeing Into The Future

When planning for the future, we need the skill of foresight: Seeing into the future, identifying plausible scenarios, and using them to make more robust, more flexible, and more realistic plans.

AI Accelerator

Get More Done with AI – Faster

Are you a forward-thinking leader who is keen to start using AI in your team, but don’t know where to start? Instead of waiting for the perfect solution, this program lets you start small and create real value quickly – for yourself, your teams, and ultimately your organisation as well.


Futurist in Residence

Future Thinking At Your Fingertips

Tap into Gihan’s futurist expertise for a whole year! Stay regularly updated with the latest trends, shifts and disruptive forces in your industry and business, so you can plan for them and stay ahead of the game. You get quarterly board/leadership updates, ongoing intelligence, and a sounding board for the strategic leadership team.

Future-Ready Leaders

Innovate From The Inside Out

Disruption is when it happens to you, innovation is when you do it yourself. This coaching program shows you how to take the lead in preparing for an uncertain future and navigating your team through a fast-changing world.

Better Meetings

Fresh Ideas for More Engaging Meetings

Team meetings are an essential part of working together, but many people say they are boring and a waste of time. This service will help you make your team meetings more engaging, more useful, and more effective. After all, you don’t just want better meetings – you want a high-performance team that achieves its goals, right?

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If you would like to know more, email gihan@gihanperera.com or phone 0417 928 278 (or +61 2 8005 5746 from outside Australia).

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