Future-Ready Leaders


From Chaos and Confusion to Clarity and Confidence

We have already faced years of change and uncertainty, and the real disruption is still to come. The future of work will be even more fluid – influenced by climate change, working from home, diversity and inclusion, generational shifts, AI and automation, changes in global economic power, and more.

If your people are burnt out, fed up, falling behind, and pushing back, you’re not alone! More than ever, we need leaders to step up and lead the way – providing clarity and confidence when they face chaos and confusion.

The best people can – and will – choose where, when, how, and for whom they work. Will you create the sort of workplace that will attract and keep them? And are you the sort of leader they want to follow?

In this keynote presentation for leaders and managers, you will understand the essential components of the future of work, gain insights into the must-have skills for tomorrow, and learn what it takes to create the best workplace on earth.

Key Messages

  • Discover how smart, savvy leaders thrive through crisis, recovery, and growth
  • Learn how to leverage individual skills and talents to create a more agile, resilient, and ‘antifragile’ organisation
  • Know the five things the best employees want from their workplace
  • Adopt a mindset of an active learner and possibility thinker

Who Is This For?

This is for you if:

  • It’s becoming more difficult to attract, nurture, and reward the best people
  • Your people are feeling tired, stressed, burned out, and jaded
  • Your people resist change, and are worried about taking initiative or being proactive
  • People waste time in office politics and other unproductive work
  • It’s difficult to build a positive culture when people are sometimes working from home


  • 45-60 minute conference keynote
  • 90-minute extended keynote
  • 45-minute online presentation

The Full Package

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