Thinking Ahead In A Fast-Changing World

Welcome to a world where uncertainty, change, and disruption rule! Disruption is more common than ever, and external pressures beyond our control can have a massive impact on our professional and personal lives. If we didn’t know this before COVID-19, we definitely know it now.

We would love to have certainty about our future, but that’s impossible in a fast-changing world. Unfortunately, when faced with uncertainty, many leaders fall into the trap of thinking smaller and only making short-term plans. But that’s risky and dangerous. We definitely want to reduce risk, but we should do that by increasing knowledge, not by pulling back.

In this keynote presentation for leaders, you will learn to think like a futurist. You will understand how to think ahead to see what’s around the corner and over the horizon, look out for opportunities and possibility, and step up to provide clarity and confidence to make better, more well-informed decisions to create the future.

Key Messages

  • Understand the key external factors that could affect your short-term, medium-term, and long-term plans
  • Broaden your thinking to have an external perspective
  • Engage the diversity and different perspectives of the entire team
  • Adopt the mindset of an active learner and possibility thinker
  • Stay relevant, flexible, and resilient in your planning

Who Is This For?

This presentation is for leaders and managers. It’s right for you if:

  • Your people are feeling tired, stressed, burned out, and jaded
  • Your people – even leaders and managers – resist change, and are worried about the future
  • You are working in a competitive industry that’s constantly changing
  • You want teams and departments to collaborate, innovate, and share more with each other
  • You need to build foresight and flexibility in your team


  • 45-60 minute conference keynote
  • 90-minute extended keynote
  • 45-minute online presentation



The Full Package

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