The New Rules For High Performance


Channelling Chaos

Is your team struggling to keep up with the pace of change?
Are you constantly being asked to achieve more but with fewer resources?
Is the modern workplace – with remote work, flexible work, and online collaboration – making it more difficult to collaborate?

The old rules for productivity, performance, and success don’t work in our fast-changing world. The world is changing too fast, jobs and careers aren’t safe, and established businesses are being disrupted by nimble start-ups.

That’s why I developed this program to help your team thrive in a fast-changing, always-on world.

If your people feel like they are living in a pinball machine, flying from one meeting to another and then back to an overflowing inbox, they simply don’t have the time to be effective.

If you want to be more productive, learn to work in flow. Accept our fast-paced, chaotic world, and learn to work with it rather than against it. If you’re on a raft in a fast-flowing river, instead of fighting the current or wishing it wasn’t going so fast, go with the flow and learn to navigate the obstacles.

The path to your goal is not a straight line, and you must accommodate the crooked path:

High-performance teams work together in four key ways:

  1. From all the external noise and internal chaos, focus on what matters most for taking action first.
  2. Work in flow, knowing how to embrace change and chaos in order to achieve their goals.
  3. Be comfortable with being flexible, so you can keep going when things change and obstacles arise.
  4. Know how to fly, with continuous improvement and growth as part of your ongoing success.

That’s how high-performance teams thrive in chaos and work together to overcome obstacles so they still achieve their goals.

Who Is This For?

This if for you if:

  • You work in a highly-competitive industry, facing disruption from external forces
  • Your business is facing increasing competition from inside or outside your industry
  • You need to operate in a fast-changing environment
  • Customers have become more demanding and have different expectations
  • Your team is suffering from “change fatigue”, uncertainty, or stress about the future
  • You want to attract new customers who have different wants and needs

Key Outcomes

  • Learn how to manage your time, energy, and attention in an always-on world
  • Focus on the most important goals and outcomes, and avoid time-wasting distractions
  • Create clarity and structure for team members to collaborate effectively
  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Tap into the diversity and unique skills and expertise of the entire team
  • Build innovation and creativity into everyday work
  • Create learning and development pathways for individuals and the team

The program is available in three delivery formats, each with multiple touchpoints:

  1. In-House Workshop: A one-day or two-day workshop, delivered in person at your premises (or at a suitable training venue)
  2. Online Delivery: Either one online presentation covering one of the modules/topics OR 4-5 online presentations, 1-2 weeks apart
  3. Conference Session: A conference session (keynote or breakout, online or in-person)
For the shorter formats, you choose the most important outcomes and the program is tailored to meet those needs.

Program Outline

This program is based on four core modules:

  1. Focus (direction): Getting clear about the things that matters most for high performance.
  2. Flow (productivity): Getting things done in a fast-changing world full of distractions and interruptions.
  3. Flex (collaboration): Better collaboration, decision-making, and team problem solving – even in an uncertain environment.
  4. Fly (growth mindset): Being an active learner, and embracing diversity and inclusion for sharper thinking and better results.

Additional Components

Extend the value of the core program with these optional additional components, which help you implement and reinforce the ideas and actions.

Let's Talk

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