High-Tech Meets High-Touch

Everybody’s talking about AI now! You know it’s important to your team and business, but if this is new to you, it’s not easy to know where to start. It’s not just about the technology, either – it’s also about understanding the risks, challenges, security concerns, and ethical issues around AI.

As a result, you might be reluctant to start using AI – and that’s a problem, because it means you’re falling behind. Your productivity suffers, you’re missing growth opportunities, decision-making is more difficult, and your competitors are leaping ahead.

Imagine a world where you can leverage AI to streamline your operations, increase productivity, and gain valuable insights that gives you a competitive advantage. In this scenario, AI is a powerful tool that helps you drive growth, improve customer experiences, make life easier for yourself and your team, and make faster, better-informed decisions.

To do this, you need a clear roadmap for using AI. This means understanding its capabilities and limitations, being aware of ethical and safety considerations, and strategies to mitigate risks. You also need to know the right tools for getting the most from AI (It’s not just ChatGPT!).

This masterclass will give you and your team the knowledge, insights, and tools to start exploring AI effectively in your organisation. You’ll understand the challenges and risks, possibilities and opportunities, and learn how and where to apply your knowledge for the greatest return.

Leveraging AI has three components:

  1. Innovate (the Good): Explore the benefits, possibilities, and opportunities of AI.
  2. Mitigate (the Bad): Understand the risks, challenges, and potential traps and pitfalls.
  3. Navigate (the Ugly): Plan the sometimes tricky path to using AI – especially bringing your people along on the journey.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the power of AI and shape the future of your business.

Who Is It For?

This if for you if:

  • Your business is facing increasing competition from inside or outside your industry
  • You want to use AI, but you’re not sure how
  • You’re concerned about the privacy, security, legal, and ethical implications of using AI
  • You want to fast-track your use of AI
  • You want to improve productivity and efficiency

Key Outcomes

  • Explore the potential benefits and opportunities of AI for your business
  • See real-world case studies showcasing AI in use
  • Understand some of the ethical considerations and challenges
  • Discuss the impact of AI on jobs, careers, employment, and workforce dynamics
  • Develop a well-rounded perspective on AI that balances its potential and limitations
  • Leave with actionable insights to make informed decisions about using AI

The program is available in three delivery formats, each with multiple touchpoints:

  1. In-House Workshop: A one-day or two-day workshop, delivered in person at your premises (or at a suitable training venue)
  2. Online Delivery: Either one online presentation covering one of the modules/topics OR 3-4 online presentations, 1-2 weeks apart
  3. Conference Session: A conference session (keynote or breakout, online or in-person)

For the shorter formats, you choose the most important outcomes and the program is tailored to meet those needs.

Are You Ready For AI?

Are You Ready For AI?