The Future of Leadership

We used to say “There’s no ‘I’ in Team”. But that’s changed now.

Our fast-moving, dynamic, customer-centric world needs a new kind of leadership. The best leaders now are authorities in their own right, leverage the power of their team members, and engage their wider community.

Your team members are smart, talented, innovative, and savvy people. They raise families, operate heavy machinery to drive to your office every day, organise events, support important causes, and manage dozens of other complex situations every day. They want you to be their mentor, not just their manager. They want work that gives them meaning, not just money. They want to know what’s going on in the organisation so they can help. They will happily help you achieve your goals and thrive – if you do the same for them. They want leaders who will help them shine.

This book is for you if you’re that kind of leader.

  1. Be a leader they want to follow. Become more productive, deliver compelling messages, and build a personal brand.
  2. Build a team they want to be a part of. Turn your team members into innovators, help them develop better judgement, and accelerate their experience curve.
  3. Reach out to a world that wants to help. Extend the scope of your team, create powerful partnerships, and build greater trust with influencers in your community.

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“Gihan Perera has done it again. Great insights for now and the future to get out there and change the world – including your world.”
– Ian Berry,

“Gihan’s book is brilliant! It gets you to stop and think about what is contrary to most thinking. There is an “I” in team, if you are going to have a truly great team or great business, you need to have great individuals who are effective, innovative and productive. In this easy to read, highly practical and idea-rich book, Gihan shows you the pathway and gives you a blueprint to create the best version of you – if you want a truly great team.”
– Keith Abraham, Passionate Performance Inc

What’s In The Book?

  • Be a Leader They Want to Follow
    1. Show Up: Make Time to Lead: Traditional goal-setting doesn’t work in our fast-changing world, but you can’t simply ignore it altogether. Your team members expect you to have a clear vision, create plans to achieve that vision, and help them keep on track along the way.
    2. Speak Up: Cut Through The Clutter: We’re bombarded by so much information in a day that it’s difficult for your key messages to be noticed, heard, and absorbed. People are looking to you to share your ideas clearly and succinctly.
    3. Step Up: Stand for Something: In the past, the leaders were the people who had authority – because of their seniority, job title, or role. That still applies to some extent, but people will respect you even more if you are an authority – in other words, somebody with a network of followers and recognised expertise among that network.
  • Build a Team They Want to Be a Part Of
    1. Light Up: Foster Innovation: Our world is changing too fast for innovation to be done solely by an R&D department. Tap into the unique skills and experience of your team members to turn them all into innovators for your team and the organisation as a whole.
    2. Wise Up: Build Their Judgement: Good judgement comes from experience, so look for ways to give your team members experience outside their current role.
    3. Tune Up: Accelerate the Experience Curve: The traditional training program still has its place, but it’s best suited for teaching and reinforcing skills. When you’re looking to build experience, judgement and wisdom, there are better ways to help your team members grow.
  • Reach Out to a World That Wants to Help
    1. Team Up: Find Talent Everywhere: Even on a day-to-day basis, your team is no longer made up of just permanent staff working in the same office as you. The modern workplace is no longer defined by a physical place, but by a mix of people working together on a project.
    2. Partner Up: Join Forces: If you want additional resources for a project, the traditional approach is to go cap in hand to your manager. However, you might not have the right resources available in-house, you might be working on a side project that won’t be funded internally, or you might want greater freedom in this project. A better option might be to create a partnership with somebody in your wider network.
    3. Link Up: Leverage Trust: Finally, there are many others in your network who aren’t part of your team nor close enough to be partners. The more they know, like and trust you, the easier it is for you to approach them to assist you (and vice versa).

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“Page after page of practical advice and implementable strategies. As a productivity expert I was really drawn to his 90­-day cycles for goal achievement rather than just thinking about 12-month goals. I love time blocking and executable strategies. Gihan’s advice allows you to make strategic decisions in an ever changing dynamic environment. It’s not about time management ­ it’s about energy management. Do yourself a favour, buy this book, read it, apply it and you will become even more successful.”
– Neen James,

“This book challenges leadership paradigms on engagement, culture, productivity, strategy & development. Working in this technology age of constant shiny new things, he refreshingly reactivates the somewhat lost art of human connection in maximising productivity and performance in the workplace and making everyone shine. Gihan shows as a people leader, specifically what you can do in your area of control to better leverage the power of the individuals in your team and maximise employee engagement while creating a win-­win.
– Ian Hutchinson, Life By Design

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The print book is only available (in bulk quantities) for people who book Gihan to speak at events.

“Flips the idea of teamwork on its head by harnessing the power of motivated self-interest. Genius.”
– Matt Church, founder of Thought Leaders Global

“Jam packed with information and written in a style that makes it easy to understand. It is also highly practical, providing relevant examples and excellent exercises for readers wishing to engage in immediate application. I firmly believe that this book will support those people committed to improving the quality of their leadership, teams and business.”
– Dr Nicky Howe