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Build a Culture of Change Agents

Disruption and innovation are both about change, but it’s disruption when change happens to you and innovation when you create the change yourself.

We have all faced massive disruption, and it’s now time to start being proactive. The teams and organisations that will succeed are those who create a culture that welcomes and embraces change and innovation.

Innovation is everybody’s business now, but innovation doesn’t mean you have to invent the next iPhone, solve climate change, or plan a mission to Mars. The secret is to engage in everyday innovation – with an environment that encourages change, respect and trust for the diverse experience and expertise of everybody in the team, and systems that make change and innovation part of everyday work.

In this engaging and entertaining keynote, discover how to make innovation an integral part of your team’s DNA and create a culture for sustained success.

Key Messages

  • Understand the five key mindsets for future success
  • Learn what leaders say that block change and innovation (you’ve probably said them yourself!)
  • Boost trust, judgement, and independence in hybrid teams
  • Encourage a learning and growth mindset
  • Make innovation and change an everyday habit, not an optional extra
  • Take more control of your own future

Who Is This For?

This is for you if:

  • Your business is facing increasing competition from inside or outside your industry
  • You want your team to be more proactive, rather than always having to react to change
  • You know your products and services are no longer the best available to customers and clients
  • Your people are feeling tired, stressed, burned out, and jaded – and need a spark of energy and inspiration
  • You want people to take more initiative and be more open to change
  • People are worried or scared about change, and you want them to have a more optimistic and positive mindset

This presentation is suitable for people at all levels in your organisation, or can be customised specifically for leadership groups.


  • 45-60 minute conference keynote
  • 90-minute extended keynote
  • 45-60 minute online presentation

The Full Package

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